Insider information on a free multi-lingual map

Navigation triptych in 4 languages

Insider information on a free multi-lingual map

I have worked for a travel agency as a representative for many years. I have ascertained that a tangible tool of agile navigation was necessary. A significant part of my job required presenting the island of Paros, a small island in the Cyclades complex. A navigation and guidance triptych would be helpful to many people arriving from foreign countries. This map would be free of charge and a treat to every guest during a welcome meeting. If technology fails or there is the need to contact the agency, a point of reference is essential. What could better serve this purpose from a printed triptych containing information about the most significant places of interest?

Discussions with travellers provided necessary feedback to improve and fine-tune this small triptych. Most of the guests found the map conducive; others criticised the design. Although an approximate promotional map shouldn’t be of any detailed design, guests pointed out imperfections. I was there to see the pain points of the illustration because of my work role.

Travellers who prefer to drive around (primarily people hiring cars or scooters) searched for a measuring scale to assimilate distances. Older people appreciated the printed map since technological gadgets are not always their preference. More prominent icons and legible text serve them better. Visible details of local buses, tours and excursions explain travel options that they would prefer. Younger ones ask for the wi-fi code first and normally reject physical meetings. Eventually, they found it stimulating and practical because of the sea excursions and some off-road routes for hiking. Probably many more people criticised the triptych without commenting. The design prerequisites must somehow be compliant with all of the above. After all, information overload is a fact these days, which creates an extra necessity in the design process; avoiding information overload as much as possible. Criticism would provide more input and open the road for a more efficient design. I have received it as highly appreciated since it was underlying every point for necessary corrections.

The map’s size was also of great importance. An A4 is smaller than an A3, but a folded A4 would deliver the objective. Folding is essential, as it renders the map portable and gives a sense of ordinance. A smaller print would not procure the necessary space for the information needed. Above all, the biggest concern was the content. Since visitors come from various countries, it’s essential to have French, Italian and English input. Dutch citizens, fortunately, are English speakers.

Since diverse travellers will advise the map, the aim is to be approved by most-if not all. It was necessary to achieve various objectives. One would be to trigger the guest to discover the island. Secondly, inform the reader of all options to go around. Thirdly, guide the visitor to the solution which will satisfy his need. The scope of this illustration isn’t to promote local services only. The priority of this design is to keep the client engaged with the agency name. If there is no sale due to miscommunication or other reasons, the traveller would have a reference point for assistance. It is crucial to be aesthetically appealing. Like this, the traveller would probably keep it as a reminder. People tend to retain objects after a positive experience. Keepers are the essence of this business. They will distribute their impressions and create the drive chain for the next series of travellers who want to visit the island.

The agency could outsource the project, but in-house work was excerpted. It was faster, better, and sound. Before developing the map, the necessity of meeting the invitees served well to orientate and build the design. Modern technologies like google maps are immense, but sometimes an ordinary print is understandable and straightforward. After thorough research, our team, working with precision, delivered an elegant design with utile content to help the visitor navigate. Something minimal with necessary details to achieve the objectives. I welcome you to see it for yourself.

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Dimitrios undertook this task. He researched thoroughly every detail to design our agency map and deliver the objectives.

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