Elis extra virgin olive oil

Product’s identity development

Quality etiquette proped by 3 key characteristics

This visual design belongs to a sui generis product, cold-pressed, limited-production olive oil. The necessity for a quality etiquette to identify a fresh product was present. The assemblage of quality, the historical tradition in olive oil production and athletism were combined as characteristics of this etiquette properties. The producer inherited the knowledge of rural cultivation. Many generations of his family are the proof. It’s not an average industrial product. It’s olive oil made with prudence and must be represented in the same way.

The content is a result of a fearless production procedure. The producer must be a master of time and precision. Time is of the essence, as the fruit can easily fermentate during transport. The temperature during transportation can harm the crop and destroy a part or even the whole year’s production. It’s a sensitive operation requiring attention. Harvest must follow processing in a highly organized manner.

For more than 2500 years, the Mediterranean area of Peloponesse has produced an olive fruit highly suitable for the production of olive oil. The specific variety is appropriate only for olive oil. Modern machinery assists only in maintaining the finest elements after centrifugation. Rich texture, intense scent and striking colour are the outstanding output features.

Climatological conditions are the most valuable assets for this production. Mild winters, hot summers and rich soil are only precious ingredients. The olive tree is resilient, ready to provide its fruit on time. The producer must only carry out the proper harvest, transport, extraction, and storage steps. He has to carry out with knowledge and high observability.

Industrial products come standard but lack nutritional value. A progressive approach delivered this product’s identity development in 3 steps. Before rendering this quality etiquette, we considered historical research and tradition, climate, harvest conditions and production knowledge. The competition is intense in olive oil production. Only pointing out unique characteristics and demonstrating them can make the product stand out. We have conducted dense research to collect the attributes and combine them on an icon and a word.

In antiquity, wrestlers covered their bodies with olive oil to make it more difficult for the opponent to capture the other. Although very strong and skilled in wrestling, they wrestled with oily hands and bodies. It’s a common rule of wrestling. The wrestler has to find a way to capture the opponent, but oil prevents him. The producer encounters similar adversities from weather phenomena to olive fruit flies. Power and intelligence must resemble the product image. A sense of friction has to be delivered. All this was evident but not easy to combine.

Packaging choices were standard. The selection of bottles was also among typical forms. Deep green opaque bottles protect olive oil from light and preserve its fantastic properties. It’s a product that refers to everyone. Only a special wooden package was prototyped to assist promotion. The oil would be bottled by hand and bottled in marasca bottles. Regular consumption requires carton boxes as it is an international standard. No further details for something that proves its value after one try. Simple methods carry out the task and deliver the valuable product.

Elis is the region’s name. The area has a profound background and long heritage in producing natural products. The differences in the typeface’s glyphs added extra difficulty to the task. In Greek, it’s written with its rough breathing to reflect the origin. We had to equalize in English. Matching two different languages and remaining as fair as possible comes extra. It was necessary to iterate the process until both designs match, though they have to be different. This communication strategy got fruitful results, while the etiquette attributes elegance in both languages.

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Dimitrios Palaiologos administered and delivered this design in a communicative and creative way.

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